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Sunday, June 26, 2011

New from the sweatshop!

I have been a busy busy bee! I've finally worked the kinks out of my diaper pattern and turned out some diapers that I'm really happy with! Sam has been a great guinea pig and tested these for me. The fit is great, the AIO's don't leak or wick and the fitted is super soft and provides a very trim fit under a cover. I also wrote an article for Autumn Beck's blog in which I sewed a diaper stash for under 30 dollars! It's been a busy couple of months. Here's some pics for everyone's edification! From the top, 1. AIO, corduroy outer, hidden PUL layer, minkee inner 2. AIO.laminated minkee outer, minkee inner 3. fitted cotton woven outer, bamboo velour inner. 4. fleece diaper cover with an embellished bamboo velour prefold. 5. two small soakers, wool and fleece 6. T-shirt fitted with a T-shirt prefold inside. I've got some other stuff cooking but that is another blog post! Namaste!!!