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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

oh no where is the baby!

     Sammy at 8 months has learned to crawl. YIKES!!!  One sunday after church I put him on the floor and he crawled. Just like that, with no fanfare, just one knee and one hand and the other knee and the other hand.  I was, of course, so impressed. Then I looked around my christmas filled living room and my heart sank!  I made up a new verse to O Christmas Tree in sam's honor. It goes: O christmas tree o christmas tree, your branches are so scraggly, from crawling babies and playful cats and four year olds with baseball bats.....the poor wretched thing looks like it went through a wind tunnel! 
     So later that day, I put Sam down on the floor next to Eli with a selection of toys. I went into the kitchen for JUST ONE MOMENT!!!!! I came back and...Sam was gone!!!! I stood there in disbelief and a million thoughts raced through my mind. Where could a baby go in one minute? And then i heard...a scraping scratching noise from under the couch! Sam had crawled under the couch! His little face poked through the ruffle on the bottom, and if i had my camera (lost) it would have been the cutest picture.  So now every time i set him down he makes a bee-line for the couch.  He is all boy just like his brothers!

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