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Monday, August 1, 2011

World breastfeeding week Aug 1-7

I can't write about what nursing my baby has meant to me without getting tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.  Even after 16 months I still can't believe it works, that his thighs are chunky because my body made them that way. That I could produce this substance that sustains my baby and gives him comfort. I can't describe the waves of love that overtake me when he latches, the sweet way he looks at me, that little humming noises that he makes. His eyes meet mine, then go half-lidded, then open again in pleasure, I can't take my eyes off him. His belly is against mine, his legs curl around my waist, he fits perfectly. His hands stroke my face, rub my arms, and find their way into my hands. His head smells so unbelievably sweet. I love when he falls asleep while nursing and touch his face, this baby is mine!!! How did I get so lucky? While he's playing he comes over for a pit stop and will nurse energetically for just a few moments and then rush back to the game. Sometimes he can't decide which one he wants and will sample both several times before settling. He definitely has a favorite, my right and choose that one more often. He hasn't made a name for them yet and I'm curious about what he will come up with, he is funny little guy so I imagine it will be clever and unique. He still likes to nurse at night and will do so without waking up. Thank goodness for this, I have not experienced sleep deprivation with him. He is possessive of them and will fight his older brother for dominion of my lap and will yet at his father when he gets to close. He likes to talk and smile at them. I would gladly nurse him for years and years and dread the day when he decides he has had enough of him. I have loved every moment spent cradling my little love and heart grows even more  with every day of his life. I think it goes without saying that I have tears running down my face. Thank you God for this precious gift.


  1. I love it RATA! It's so true that no purer bond is felt than when a baby nurses from his mommy! I am soooo anxious to nurse my soon to be son! I too love the way they gaze at your face and the little guzzling noises they make! Paigey used to flex her feet in absolute rapture when she latched on as a newborn! :-) I only nursed for 10 months with Eliza and 6 months with Paige (because of her menegitis and stay at the NICU in Albany, I started to dry up when she was 10 days old). Eliza chose to stop, I didn't get a choice in the matter and then she would bite me when I tried to get her to still breastfeed. I had gone back to work and she had become a traitor to the breast! For a while she only fed at night when I got home and only off the right breast so I looked silly and lop sided! lol. Then she started to prefer the bottle! Breastfeeding is truley wonderful and they were never sick when I was breastfeeding full time! I can't wait to do it again and let nature take its course this time and see how long my darling Tristen will feed from me! :-)He is my last so I hope he takes his time!!

  2. So poetically said! This is exactly how I feel when I think about my son and I's nursing journey too. It definitely has it's not so pleasant moments too but when I think on it I always muse about the connection we have and wouldn't trade it for the world either!